Missing Mom

In response to my musings about my lack of Christmas spirit, Sheryl had this to say:

…it could be the fact that you wont see your mom this xmas? even if you didnt normally go visit, the distance makes it seem more..empty. :/

That’s a good point, and one that I had actually pondered while Aaron and I were driving home from Cleveland on Saturday.

I’d agreed with Aaron beforehand that it would be so wonderful not to have to share Christmas with two families this year. No sleeping on the floor at Mom and Gary’s place, no coming home smelling like Vantage cigarettes, no juggling of times and places and meals and ending up waiting on Uncle Pete anyway.

Even so, as I sat in the passenger’s seat of the Kia on the way home Christmas night, in amongst my various sleepy ponderings was the realization that I wanted a hug from my Mom.

It’s finally hitting me that it could be *years* until I see my mother again.

Maybe that *is* it.

Sure, Gary’s a tool, and my Mom isn’t quite as cool as she once was… but still, nothing quite compares to a Mom Hug™.

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  1. :/ yeah, it’s sad. my mom’s not much of a hugger, but sometimes just being far is so different. when i was in japan, i nearly cried for my mommy after 2 days. which is something i’ve never done.

    it’s like homesickness but..not.

  2. I was a weenie my Freshman year of college, and I *did* cry for my Mommy after a couple days alone in the dorm. Really alone, too, because I was there early for marching band practice and my lame roommate hadn’t moved in yet.