Why Do All Computers Hate Me?

Goddamned XP is smarter than me.

I just lost all my mp3’s. Somehow.

I mean, I know enough about computers to know that they’re still there, physically. The computer just doesn’t know how to find them. I guess that’s what I get for playing around with my Shared Documents without really knowing what I’m doing.

I even tried doing a system restore, to no avail.

And, to make things even better, our internet appears to be down. Neither my nor Aaron’s computer can get online. I can see Aaron’s computer, though, and play mp3’s from it (since mine are currently MIA).

Guess I’ll just hook up the old computer *again* and transfer all my mp3’s *again*.

I am seriously annoyed right now.


Edit, 10:12pm:
Shortly after I wrote the above entry, I hooked up the old computer (again) and started re-transferring my mp3 collection to the new computer. In the meantime, I lit a candle and read a book and calmed myself down.

I have now recovered all of my music, read Wil Wheaton’s book Just A Geek in its entirety (almost—I still have the appendices to finish), and made the basement smell like a freshly-baked double-chocolate muffin.

*contented sigh*