Anime Weekend

I know I don’t generally update much on the weekends, but this weekend will be especially sparse, as Aaron and I will be at Ohayocon in Columbus. We’ve attended for the past two years, but only for one day—this year, we’ve reserved a room, and will be at the con from Friday afternoon through Sunday.

Aaron’s got some co-workers that are going, too, including some that I’ve never met. They have every intention of drinking like crazy collegians in their hotel room, apparently. We’ll see how that pans out, as Aaron and I will likely be spending most of our “free” time screening anime in one of the several video rooms.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to procure a sewing machine in time to create my masterful Totoro cosplay outfit. Maybe next year.

We’re bringing the digital camera, so I may spend my day off on Monday posting highlights from the con. In the meantime, you can read about our previous experiences from Ohayocon4 and Ohayocon3.