Finally, after Sky’s year-end incentive payout, I had enough money to get the camera I’ve been wanting: the Nikon D70. The best part? I’d found an ad in Popular Photography magazine, in the back half where all the camera stores have their catalog/ads, that A&M Photo World had the Nikon D70 kit (kit = camera body + lens) for—get this—$649.00.


Retail on those is usually upward of a grand! I was so stoked.

So, tonight, I transferred some money from my savings over to my checking, put the much-desired electronic into my shopping cart, entered my debit card info, and almost pushed the Checkout button. But first… a coupon code field? Hmm. That’s my cue to Google the name of the place and “coupon code” and see what I come up with.

And what did I come up with? Shitty reviews of A&M’s service and business practices.


I had noticed that their accessories were a touch overpriced—I’ll need a CompactFlash card to use the camera, after all—but it seems that your prized item suddenly becomes backordered when you opt not to purchase said overpriced accessories.

It wasn’t hard to make a decision. Highly disappointed as I am, I’m going to put my money back into savings and wait until I’ve saved enough to buy my new toy from a reputable dealer, like B&H or Adorama or even find one on eBay.

It’s just… damn. That was disappointing.