One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I?ve been finding it just impossible to concentrate on my work for the past two days. At any given point, I?m either running out of work to do and I?m dragging it out so I look busy, or I actually have work to do and I can?t seem to give a crap about getting it done. Instead, I have a tendency to chat with my cube-mate or stare out the window or mentally play through LSM music I?ve memorized.

I?m also having a hell of a time resisting the seductive lure of the snack machine. I thought I had that thing licked long ago… but I?ve bought some sort of evil sweetness from it every day this week. I think that I?m going to give Induction a try next week: eat some breakfast and make myself some decently large, fancy lunches (e.g. salads with meat and goodies, or some sort of simple but yummy meat dish). I know that when I used to bring salads for lunch, I couldn?t even imagine being less than satisfied for a good long while after that.

I?ve been working out almost every day ? maybe not doing anything as intense as Sheryl?s doing, but at least I?m increasing my activity (of course, anything?s greater than zero). But that?s not going to do squat if I cheat and eat like crap all the time. Which sucks, because I can feel the workouts working. It feels good. I?m sore in different places all the time, which is a new and fascinating experience. 🙂

But, yeah. I?m trying not to get down on myself about the cheating, but still… I argue with myself all the way to the vending machine, knowing that it won?t do any good, and finally I just give up any pretense of willpower and just buy the damn Hostess Fruit Pie. And eat it at my desk. (OMG 67 carbs!!!)

Next week is a new week, though, and tomorrow?s a new day, and all that crap. I can start over, and discover my willpower again.

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  1. aye, always with the new day 🙂 it’s always there for you.

    tonight in a fit of depression i skipped the gym and had ruffles for dinner. we all have our weak points. it happens. you know?

    don’t worry. does your snack machine have animal crackers? at least then you wouldn’t be loading up on fat and carbs all at once. 😉

  2. Heh… there’s a thought. I’m not sure, as I generally tend toward the bottom row, where all the evil nasties are. 🙂 Although one day I did have the Sweet-N-Salty mix of nuts and seeds and chocolate bits. Not so bad on fat, but whoa sugar!

    I’ll have to check for Aminal Crackers. Good thought. Of course, we’re planning a Big Lots run today, during which we’ll be stocking up on low-carb peanut butter cups (YUM) and Carb-Well cereal and whatever other goodies they have in store for us. So to speak.