Excited? Or Manic?

I feel excited today, like I have lots of fun projects to look forward to later tonight. Since I figured out how to make the sewing machine go last night, I have lots of ideas of stuff to experiment with and practice, to prepare myself for making a fursuit and fleece hats and such. Half a dozen people in the office have commented on the tealight sampler that Holly bought from me, asking me what all I sell and how much candles cost, so I?m all geeked to try some more scents and add a PayPal shopping cart to my candle website and post photos of my available containers and all that. And on top of all that, I still have some updates to add to the LakeShoremen website, in addition to doing some preliminary designs and critiquing other corps? websites for design ideas. Oh, and I need to practice my mellophone and do some exercise (which I?ve been neglecting for the past week or so, due to various issues).

Now, if I can only maintain this excitement through the work day and make it carry over to this evening…

Update, 12:44pm: Still happy, even after a 10-minute nap during my lunch break (which always has the potential to make me groggy). The blue sky an fluffy white clouds are exciting me now, even though I know it?s still friggin? cold outside. I?m rarely genuinely happy like this, so I?m kind of basking in it while it lasts. Usually I?m depressed for no good reason?being happy for no good reason is a pleasant change.

Update, 2:59pm: The sun is beaming into the window by my cubicle, casting neat highlights and shadows on the budding geraniums in the windowsill. I?m still in a good mood, but not quite as much as I was. Now I?m just anxious to get home, and I know I still have two hours to go.

Update, 8:43pm: Not enough hours in the day. Not enough energy in the Diana. Made a yummy dinner of garlic-ginger chicken with low-carb linguine (yes, my own concoction), then updated the LSM site. Now I’m tired and don’t want to do anything constructive. Now, even though I’m excited inside, I can’t get enough oomph to fire up the sewing machine and make… nothing, yet, except strange patterns of stitching on practice material. Maybe once I chill for a while and eat a low-carb fudgie bar and find a new book to read, I’ll be interested in sewing some more.

Ah, intentions… *sigh*