Totoro Hat!

Yay! My very first Totoro hat is complete. Not bad for a first try… Next time, I’ll cut the fleece bigger to allow for seam allowances, and try to figure out how to sew the face on with the machine, instead of by hand. (My practice circles on the machine didn’t turn out too well…) Maybe make the eyes a little smaller, and the ears a little bigger.

But, for now, I’m happy. Yay, Totoro hat! I can sew… sort of. 🙂

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  1. hm. mariko told me, actually, just saying “Domo” is rude. if you’re going to use a one-word “Thanks” you use “arigatoo” by itself. “Arigatoo gozaimasu” “thanks alot” and “domo arigatoo gozaimasu” “thank you very much” (most formal).

    i did it, because no one ever told me not to just say “domo” so i did once, and the person looked affronted and mariko laughed at me 🙁

  2. that’s interesting! very well then: arigatou gozaimasu, sheryl-chan! although my new totoro hat is much more kawaii than my first, IMO.