Picking Up Another Old Hobby


It’s been quite a while since I worked on my family history, but the thought crossed my mind this week that I’d promised my Grandpa Cook that I’d send him copies of some of the work I’d done. Yeah, that was back in August of 2004. I’m a bad granddaughter. :-/

So, this evening I made it my mission to fire up the printer and scanner and copy the pages Grandpa had requested. During this operation, I realized that there was a death certificate I had received a while ago that I never recorded in my genealogy software… Then I remembered that I’d wanted to search for a decent genealogy program for Windows, so I wouldn’t have to fire up the now-obsolete Power Mac just to do genealogy work.

Next mission: burn a hybrid disc of all the stuff on my Mac that I might need in the future, including importable genealogy files. No problem.

Now I had to find some Windows software to one-up my wonderfully-simplistic and long-beloved genealogy shareware for Macintosh (called Gene). See, I’d appropriated a copy of the popular Family Tree Maker years ago, and decided to stick with Gene because I found FTM way too fussy. Too many features for my taste.

But, tonight, I found Brother’s Keeper, which is working smashingly for me so far. It does have a slight learning curve, but I’m liking all the features that allow me to fix my database, relinking spouses and children and such. It even has a search for “unreasonable” dates, like a parent being less than 14 when a child is born (or, in the case of a few of my entries, a child being born before a parent).

So, I’ve spent all this time playing with the database-streamlining features of BK, and I still haven’t entered Granny Maudie’s mother’s death certificate. I’ll have to do that before I go to bed.

Damn… Like I said before, too many hobbies.