General Update

Cold: Still going strong. Tomorrow will be its third day of evil oppression. I woke up this morning almost unable to speak, thanks to a sore throat and general phlegminess. Keep hocking up loogies (which is a feat for me). Now my eyes are dry, my gums feel funny, and the cold finally seems to be moving northward into my head. This is unfortunate; this means I could be potentially be much more miserable tomorrow.

LakeShoremen: First performance of the 2005 season is this coming Saturday. I need to a.) hem my uniform pants, b.) make sure my music is memorized (which it is, just about), c.) finish the first draft of the 2005 trifold brochure, and d.) update the LSM website with some much-overdue requests from the corps CEO.

I don’t know if I’m going to get all that done tomorrow night, so I’m contemplating pushing back the Sheryl & Diana Shopping Spree Part Deux to possibly next week sometime, like Monday or Tuesday. Not positive about that yet, though. If I’m well enough and productive enough tomorrow evening, and get my pants hemmed and my brochure done (which is entirely plausible), I’ll probably still be into teh shopping.

In other news, issued me a new Visa card (the fools). That bastard thing singlehandedly more than doubled my total credit line amongst my three credit cards. o.O EVIL. *muah-hah-ha*

I <3 my new clothes. I've been getting comments about them at work all week: - "Is that a new top? I bought one like that for my daughter at Kohl's." - "New clothes? Very cute!" - "I like that color [yellow] on you!" - "Springy today, eh?" (from two different people) - "New shirt? Very springy. Very cute." - "Boy, you really must've gone shopping, girl! It's nice to see you in clothes that really fit." OK, I really need to get to bed now. I'm sick and it's late and I need to get better. :-/