I hate it when I can’t manage to finish just a few simple tasks that I set for myself. There were only a few things I wanted to accomplish tonight after work, and I didn’t successfully complete one. I started most of them, and got distracted as I went along.

As I cooked my dinner, I started to clear all my junk off of the kitchen table, and found a paperback and a dust jacket that belonged up in the library/media room (where our books and DVDs and 8-tracks and games and such live). As I put those away, I remembered that I hadn’t watered my plants in a couple of days, so I got out the little plastic watering can and gave them all a well-deserved drink. And so on.

Didn’t finish cleaning off the kitchen table.
Didn’t clean my desk.
Didn’t wash the silverware like Aaron asked.

While I was doing other random things, like boiling eggs and making a salad for tomorrow’s lunch, I was also making candles. That doesn’t take much supervision—it’s mainly hurry up and wait—so I figured I was good. I came back into the kitchen once the wax was melted, added just the right dyes, measured out the fragrance, and poured the candles at just the right moment during the cooling process.

Without adding the fragrance to the wax. *facepalm*

So, Mark, I apologize for the weirdness of your candle, but I had to dump the fragrance into an already-cooling candle. I ended up with some pretty funky tealights, too.

So, yeah. Not a terribly good or productive evening. And now it’s time for bed. Blah.