Little-Bit-Of-Everything Update

I haven’t been too prolific with the blog posts this week, so I guess I should catch y’all up on the latest. Which isn’t much, really.

Planted my baby plants on… Wednesday? Yeah. The mini daffodils are under the small maple tree, accompanied by the two snapdragons and one surviving calamint. Around the mailbox, we have three delphiniums in the back, three coreopsis around the front and sides, and two lavender between the coreopsis plants. I know it’s too crowded, but if it becomes a problem as they grow, I’ll just transplant something out. No biggie.

After waiting and waiting for the rain the weatherfolk keep promising, I finally gave the plants their Miracle Gro plant food mixed in water today. I hadn’t wanted to drown them if it had been going to rain… but, after two days of no water, I figured that was long enough to wait.

I’ve been wearing makeup to work this week—I got myself some new gray eyeliner, and I’ve been sporting that with my favorite understated lipstick. And that’s it. No foundation, no blush, very little eyeshadow. The other woman in my cube at work finally asked me today if I’d been wearing more makeup, and told me that I looked nice. So, I guess it’s being noticed, which is cool. Next task: finding a quick but more elegant hairdo than my usual ponytail or loose hair clip. (Sometimes I wear my hair down and tucked behind my ears, which doesn’t last long until I pull it back.)

Little things are important. Yeah.

Aaron cleaned the entire house this week, in anticipation of his family coming to visit for Memorial Day. Props go to him for straightening the downstairs, the dining room table, and the cat’s room (aka the crap/storage room), amongst other things. Vacuuming, dusting, dishes… he rocks, and I suck.

I’ve been working on preliminary designs for the LakeShoremen website relaunch over my lunches and breaks at work. So far, I’ve made… *counting sketches* …nine thumbnail sketches, one detailed sketch, and two Photoshop comps. Once I get more comps done, I may post some here for your review, since I’m nearly positive no corps members frequent my blog, so I wouldn’t be spoiling the surprise for anyone. 😛

…Aaaaaand I’m done.