So Much To Do…

I hate it when I have a list of things I want or need to do, but none of them sound appealing. I could and/or should be doing any of the following:

  • practicing my mellophone and memorizing music
  • finishing my dot book for Sunday’s LSM drill rehearsal
  • finishing/fixing the halter top I’ve been making for Mom
  • posting questions on the t-shirt surgery LJ community
  • fixing the straps on my Drum Corps Unplugged tank (somehow)
  • putting away my clean clothes
  • watering my houseplants
  • washing dishes
  • exercising (maybe with my Yoga For Dummies DVD)
  • working on the LSM site redesign

Instead? I’ve looked up the chords for “Fix You” off of Coldplay’s new album X & Y, and played that through on keyboard and guitar a few times; read a few chapters of All the Weyrs of Pern by Anne McCaffrey, and generally laid around and been a slug. I can’t get excited or motivated to do much else.

I hate that. *sigh*