Holga Film… Away!

As of tomorrow morning, the first roll of Holga film will be sent off to Dale Labs for processing. I tried not to take any OMG-I-hope-that-turns-out shots, as this is more of a “control” roll: no mummifying the Holga in gaffer’s tape to eliminate light leaks, no mods, nothing fancy. I just want to see what this bad boy will turn out with no help from me.

I’ll scan and post anything that comes out particularly interesting… but don’t expect much beyond artsy, square-shaped pictures of my cat. o.O

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  1. FYI…thought I’d pass this on. I went to Ann Arbor, and the Urban Outfitters store was selling LOMO stuff!!?? Nothing was priced…? It was all on a big endcap with brighly colored (orange and red) streamers and sample lomo photos taped to the endcap. Obviously photos that the store employees had taken themselves. The end cap was in the girl’s clothese section of the store, right next to the tiny pink girl belly shirts that said ‘flirt’ in glittery letters.

    The urban outfitters website doesn’t list any of the stuff. But, here is someone’s blog who mentions what I may have seen…the guy claims to be a ‘LOMO head’…


    Then one day I discovered the LOMO camera, and all its glory. I bought one on the spot! I don?t know how many photos I shot with it, but I can tell you that I spent a lot on processing. It really made an impression on me, the colors are so vivid and saturated. I was a LOMO head! I tried to find a local Lomography group and to my surprise one of my friends was the representative, she was selling the cameras out of her home. Its funny now, the LOMO has this cult following, but at the same time you can go into any Urban Outfitters and get the Action Sampler and Colorsplash cameras for a mere $30 bucks.

  2. Maybe this is one of the cameras I saw at Urban Outfitters…


    * Another cool innovation in the world of low-tech, consumer-friendly cameras is the Action Sampler (below; available for $38 online at www.lomo.com, and at Urban Outfitters). Encased in transparent plastic ? la the iMac, the palm-size Action Sampler shoots four images (through four separate lenses) onto each negative. The best photos turn out as kaleidoscopic, stop-motion renderings of moving objects. Point it at a stationary object, and you’ve got four little pictures of the same thing. Take it to: somewhere with a lot of sun. The Action Sampler doesn’t have a flash, so you’re out of luck if you’re blessing the rains down in Africa.

    This blog mentions the Urban Outfitters connection as well:


    I do know that some of the cameras had colored flashes (yellow, orange, red, blue, green, etc)…?