Diana is…

I couldn’t help it. I’d never done this particular meme before. So, despite the fact that I often *do* memes out of curiosity, but rarely *post* them, I’m actually posting the “[my name] is” meme.

HOWEVER. I did mine a little differently, due to the celebrity that once shared my name. I searched Google for “Diana is” -princess. And here we go…

The Diana is an all-plastic camera that was made in Kowloon, Hong Kong…
Believe it or not, I did know that.

Diana is running for office
And running, and running…

Diana is now working on her next recording, which is a Christmas album!
Um… Io Saturnalia, everybody?

Diana is currently in London, England
Or would rather be.

Diana is a town located in Lewis County, New York.
I know the kids in my grade told me I was as big (read: fat) as the whole world, but I didn’t realize I was really as big as a town.

Diana Is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results
Oh, shit. No one told me I was in Anne of the Green Gables…!

The Goddess Diana, is the Huntress and Goddess or fertility
Again, not news to me. The typo’s nice, though. Thanks.

Diana is a beautifully marked shorthair “dilute” tortoise-shell female cat
Maybe in my last life. That would explain some things.

Diana is an executive coach, lecturer, trainer and facilitator
Then why am I working at the damn bank? Can’t my agent get me a better gig?!

Diana is, was and always has been the best singer on IDOL
You better believe it, sistah.