Too Much On My Plate

I’ve been working on the new LSM site for some time now. It’s finally starting to gel. But last week’s vacation was a vacation from everything, including working on the site. The work-in-progress needs to be shown to the members soon, preferably within the next day or two, and I want to have it totally complete in about a month. There are still some things I don’t know how to do at all yet, like letting members download files from a directory outside of the root “public_html” directory. I know it can be done, though.

So, I should really be working on that. And practicing my mellophone, as we have rehearsal in less than a week, and that particular rehearsal will be our last full-day rehearsal before our final performance.

However… I have The Cleaning Bug™. I never get the itch to clean, and right now I have the desire to make things look pretty, especially the cat/sewing room (aka Someday Schnuthie Junior’s Room).

My plants are also suffering, and probably a third of my houseplants require repotting for one reason or another. Many of them are wilty from heat and from settling of soil in their respective pots. I’d like to take them outside and repot them with some TLC (er, Tender Loving Care, that is, not The Learning Channel, although I suppose they could probably help, too).

Oh, and did I mention that I bought a Singer Tiny Serger at Savers for three bucks? Yeah. And it works! Hence the resurgence of the Sewing Room idea. So, I’d also like to be sewing. I have an idea for my next t-shirt surgery sketched out right here on my desk, staring me in the face, mocking me.

I need to establish this evening’s priorities. Which sucks. Can’t I just do everything?


Update, 9:30pm: Sifted through one box of crap in the sewing room while listening to the final episode of Earthcore. Sat outside and plucked the dead parsley plants out from the living, mainly as an excuse to enjoy the weather. Tweaked a little on the new LSM site, composed an e-mail to the membership about the Work In Progress, and fired it off. Still have a good 90 minutes before I should think about winding down for the night. Word.