Still Here

Not much to report.

Can’t get motivated to finish the LSM site, although I only have two weeks left. Still have a couple of issues to tweak out, like how precisely to have visitors download files stored outside the web root directory (for security’s sake).

Aaron got half a day off of work today to study sort guides for his new, easier UPS job, so I got to see him all evening. We went out to dinner at the Happy Rose, our new favorite Chinese Buffet With Sushi Bar.

My new iPod earbuds arrived today. What an upgrade from the Apple ones, and from the $5 Koss jobbies I picked up at Walmart. These are soooo comfy, though the behind-the-neck cord configuration might take some getting used to.

Saw the Arrogant Worms in concert at Owens on Saturday. Fantastic show. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel up to writing a review.

For now, though, I need to get to bed.

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  1. I saw the Worms when they came to BG in 2000. Oh those wacky Canadiens. I also saw Henry Rollins when he came to the *old* Union in 99. I was in the front row so I was only about six feet away from him. Hilarious. The good news is that he’s coming to St. Louis in November.