That Was Easier Than I Thought

I just spent 90 minutes to create a form with which the members of the Lakeshoremen will be able to correct any errors with their first name, last name, title, or e-mail address, and will be able to change their passwords.

I actually drew a flowchart.

And it helped.

…Actually, now that I think about it, there’s one more step of password validation I should probably add, that I had ended up striking from the aforementioned flowchart: allowing only alphanumerics. The passwords can be 6 to 8 characters, and I’d rather not go through the bother of unescaping HTML to figure out the “real” length, and whatever the hell else would be involved. As it is, could somebody break it? (That was a question, not a request, btw.) Basically, is this a major security issue?

Apart from that, though — holy crap, I made something that really, really goes! I might actually get to work on the photo database before launch. It’s on the “Nice To Have” list, while the password editing was on the “Gotta Have” list.

Comments and last-minute suggestions are welcome. The site goes live Friday night / Saturday morning, whether I think it’s ready or not. I promised.

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  1. I like what it says in the news bits..”Don’t Panic” …it’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anyone’s said anything to me all day. 🙂