I Can’t Believe I Got Suckered Into Another Meme

I just did one of these last month from my work e-mail, but for some reason, reading talcotts ‘ Q & A made me want to do this particular one.

Read on if you’d like to know more about me.

Diana Marie Schnuth (nee Cook)

April 22, 1976

Medina Community Hospital, Medina OH

Current Location:
Toledo OH

Eye Color:
Hazel blue

Hair Color:


Right Handed or Left Handed:

Your Heritage:
My mother always told me I was Native American, English, Irish, German, and Welsh on her side; I’ve found the English, Irish, and German, though I had to go back to the 1700’s to find it. As for my father’s side, I haven’t found anything but West Virginian.

The Shoes You Wore Today:
My black flats. I really need to get a new pair, because those are getting a little worn.

Your Weakness:

Your Fears:
Making mistakes. That sounds absurd, but it’s really true. Also, I fear disappointing people or making enemies. (Wow, I’m a wuss.)

Your Perfect Pizza:
Either BBQ Chicken pizza (from just about anywhere, but I had it first from East of Chicago) or Grilled Chicken and Colby cheese from Myles in BG. My roommate Amy and I used to order half pepperoni, half chicken and colby pizzas, because she would only eat pepperoni pizza.

Your Most Overused Phrase On Instant Messenger:
I rarely use IM anymore… I can’t even remember what I used to say on IRC all the time. In email, I’ve been using OMG a lot lately, though.

Thoughts First Waking Up:
“Just about that time. Ungh… I don’t want to get up yet. I’ll close my eyes for two ten more minutes…”

Your Best Physical Feature:
Hell if I know. I have relatively well-shaped lips, or so I’ve been told. It’s also good that I’m tall, and have larger-than-average boobies to offset the rest of me being larger-than-average, as well.

Your Bedtime:
Weekdays, usually 11:30pm, although I tend to read in bed until after midnight.

Your Most Missed Memory:
That’s a tough call. I’ll have to come back to that one.

Pepsi or Coke:
Before I went on Atkins, Coke. Now, Diet Coke. I really don’t drink all that much pop anymore, though.

McDonalds or Burger King:
Meh. Wherever the rest of the group is going. I’ll find something decent either place.

Single or Group Dates:
Single. It’s easier to tell whether it’ll be awkward or cool with the other person, and you tend to talk more about more important things.

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Either is good. Both are sugary and evil.

Chocolate or Vanilla:
Depends on what mood I’m in, and what kind of chocolate or vanilla it is. Frozen custard? OMG, vanilla all the way. *yum*

Cappuccino or Coffee:
Uh… I’ll take the fancy girlie coffee with the (sugar-free) syrups and whipped cream and cinnamon on top, thanks.

Do you Smoke:
Hell, no.

Do you Swear:
*resisting witty retort* Yes, but not as often or as fluently as I used to. Damn you, corporate culture!

Do you Sing:
I do. I rarely have occasion to sing anymore, though, and I’m afraid my voice has gone south with disuse. I also have this weird thing where I feel extremely self-conscious about singing in front of people I know, because I was once so involved in music and I took it so seriously. I tend to silly-sing when I’m around people, instead of really seriously singing. I guess it’s less of me that’s being put on display that way. So, yes, I do sing, but… *shrug*

Do you Shower Daily:
I do not. I use the excuse that my hair gets too dry and flyaway if I wash it daily, but the truth is that I’m just lazy. I tend to go by what I’ve heard called European Standard, or every third day.

Have you Been in Love:
Still am.

Do you want to go to College:
Been there, done that. Not interested in grad school at the moment, although maybe the urge will hit me with my midlife crisis in a decade or so.

Do you want to get Married:
Again, been there, done that. Happily so.

Do you believe in yourself:
*pause* That’s the problem, isn’t it? Depends. Hard to say.

Do you get Motion Sickness:
Only when I’m reading in a moving vehicle.

Do you think you are Attractive:
Not particularly. I think I’m fairly average.

Are you a Health Freak:
Freak? No. Currently involved in losing weight and following a carb-controlled lifestyle? Yes. (Went back on Atkins Induction and lost 5 pounds this week!)

Do you get along with your Parents:
Yeah… especially now that my Mom and step-Gary moved to Texas. 😉

Do you like Thunderstorms:
I love thunderstorms. One of my very first memories is of my mother holding me by an open door and telling me how beautiful the storm was, smelling the air, feeling the mist on my face. Now I love nothing more than being on a porch or in a doorway during a thunderstorm, where I can watch the lightning and stick my feet out into the rain.

Do you play an Instrument:
Do you want a list?

In the past month did you drink alcohol:
Nope. I only drink something like three times a year anymore, it seems.

In the past month have you Smoked:
Blech. No.

In the past month have you been on Drugs:
I take my daily vitamin, and sometimes I take my Glucosamine/Chondroitin for my poor aching knees. Apart from that, I rarely even take Tylenol.

In the past month have you gone on a Date:
Actually, yes. Aaron and I did dinner and a movie last weekend, and went to see Serenity.

In the past month have you gone to a Mall:

In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:
Um… no.

In the past month have you eaten Sushi:
Yes. The Happy Rose Buffet has the best damn buffet sushi I’ve ever had. Thanks to them, I’ve even branched out from maki into some kinds of sashimi: shrimp, octopus (or was it squid?), and some kind of catfishy-tasting thing with teriyaki-ish glaze/sauce.

In the past month have you been on Stage:
No, but back at the beginning of September was the Drum Corps Associates preliminary competition, and I’ll bet there were maybe 1000 people in the stands for that. (We went on first in the afternoon, so the stadium wasn’t very full yet.)

In the past month have you been Dumped:
Good God, no.

In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:
Never been skinny-dipping.

In the past month have you Stolen Anything:
A tissue from my co-worker’s desk? Does that count?

Ever been Drunk:
Not recently. I can count on one hand the total times I’ve been piss-ass drunk. The last time was at my bachelorette party, over two years ago.

Ever been called a Tease:
Um… not to my face. 😉

Ever been Beaten up:
When I was five years old, there was a little black boy named Tyrone who lived in my apartment complex. He used to come up to me and tell me I was fat. I’d politely tell him, “No, I’m not,” and he’d retort, “Yes, you are,” and so on, until he finally would say, “Yes, you ARE!” and punch me in the stomach. At which point I would go running home, crying. Finally, my mom told me that I was allowed to hit Tyrone back. Next time he came up to me, I proudly told him, “My Mommy said I’m allowed to hit you.” I never had any more problems with Tyrone.

Ever Shoplifted:
Once, when I was nine or so, I took a miniature clothespin from a jar of them in a store in the mall. It was blue or red or something, and I thought it was cool. I felt so weird and guilty about it that I never attempted to shoplift again. I don’t even know what I ever did with that clothespin.

How do you want to Die:
Some way that won’t be traumatic for my family. Not of a lengthy illness, but not abruptly, either. Old, and in my sleep, preferably.

What do you want to be when you Grow Up:
A more responsible version of who I am now.

What country would you most like to Visit:
England, Ireland, Japan. —Oh, wait. That was three countries. Sorry.

In a Boy/Girl…

Favourite Eye Color:
No real preference. I’m tending toward greenish-hazel these days. 😉

Favourite Hair Color:
I had a thing for a redhead in high school. But, really, no preference. Blonde guys always seemed out of my reach for some reason, though. Not sure why.

Short or Long Hair:
In a guy, you mean? Either way. Just so long as it’s not a mullet.

Gotta be tall. I’m a tall girl, so I like ’em over six feet. (Things worked out well for me, as my husband is 6’3″.)

Well-built, bordering on husky. Again, I’m no waify chick, so I prefer a man who I can feel comfortable around, fat-wise. Does that make sense? (Probably not if you’ve never been self-conscious about your weight.)

Best Clothing Style:
Whatever fits and looks good.

Number of Drugs I have taken Illegally:
One. Once. —Oh, unless you count the prescription Motrin and other randomness that my aunt and grandmother used to horde from their doctors and hand out when they thought one of us needed them. (Oh, yeah. If you’ve got muscle pain, 1000 mg of Motrin will knock you on your ass and you’ll wake up right as rain. Ahh.)

Number of CDs I own:
OMG. Hundreds? Aaron and I combined our CDs when we moved in together years ago, and we have an entire large CD rack bursting at the gills.

Number of Piercings:
One in each ear, done for my seventh birthday.

Number of Tattoos:
None. Maybe I’ll get one someday, though.

Number of things in my Past I Regret:
Not very many, honestly. The further in the past things become over time, the more I see that the little things I might have once regretted really don’t matter so much anymore, and may have even set my life going a different way, had they not happened as they did. Even the one thing I regret the most had an impact on my life, ultimately in a positive way, although it took some time to get over. And I sometimes still think about it, and regret it, and wonder about its negative impact, as well. But it’s over and done with, and it’s over eight years later, and all is well.