Mission Accomplished

My Kujibiki Unbalance cosplay costume is complete.

Well, almost. I still have to cut my armbands to size and iron my skirt one last time. But everything else is ready to go.

I put my costume on as soon as I had the last circle of felt glued to the helmet. My shadow had a weird silhouette as I walked up the stairs to the bathroom, to look in the full-length mirror.

I only felt a little ridiculous in my big blue skirt and giant poofy helmet of flannel and felt. Even so, I think my cosplay kicks ass. It has its small flaws — but overall, I’m pleased with my very first cosplay attempt.

Unfortunately, the batteries in the digital camera are dead, so I can’t post a picture of my cosplay yet. But we’re going to get fresh batteries on the way to the con, and we’ll take plenty of pics while we’re there. My co-workers are demanding to see a large photo of me in costume, so I’ll have to oblige both them and my general blog readership. 🙂

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