Shake That Healthy Butt

It’s a slow morning at work, so I figured now would be a good time to catch up on some blogging.

So, Aaron decided to go on Induction this week, and to step up his daily exercise. While I haven’t exactly been on Induction myself (thanks to the McDonald’s and Barry Bagels breakfast runs my co-workers have been making this week), I have been working on stepping up my own exercise. I’ve continued walking during my lunch breaks, despite the freezing temps, and I did some leg exercises with dumbbells on Tuesday night. I’m still sore from those.

Wednesday when I came home from work, I was FULL of energy. It was bizarre. I had offset my meal schedule by having a late breakfast and a later lunch, so I wasn’t hungry at all; I’m sure that was also a major factor in my energy spike. Usually I come home and forage for food as soon as Aaron goes to work. Instead, I got Mom’s birthday present wrapped and did some other randomness before sitting down to work on some genealogy for a few hours. I ended up not jogging on the trampoline like I’d planned, but that’s no big deal, since I’d walked for 45 minutes in the freezing cold over my lunch break. I think that was probably sufficient.

Tonight, though, I’m planning to do either some jogging on the trampoline (assuming my sore legs and butt can take it), or maybe my Pilates For Dummies DVD. That’s good stuff, too.

I’m just sick of that extra 20 pounds — well, 30 pounds now. I want it gone.

Update, 9pm: Is it wrong that the Tae Bo Instructional Workout (i.e. the one that shows you how to do the moves, but doesn’t take you through an entire session of tae bo) still makes me tired and almost sweaty? Next on the agenda: Locate the Tae Bo Basic Workout for cheap or free. Maybe Goodwill or Savers will turn up something.