Yet Another New Toy

After two years of pondering and saving, I finally bought a DSLR. (For the photography-impaired, that’s a big fancy digital camera.) had the Nikon D50 kit listed for $709, which is about $90 less than B&H wanted for the same camera/lens. Throw in a 512MB SD memory card, a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate from using my Amazon Visa, and free Super Saver Shipping, and I’ll have a usable camera arriving in about a week and a half for about $715.

I can’t believe it. I’ve been wanting a DSLR for so long, and I’m really not one to make big-ticket purchases without days of deliberation. I saw this deal, though, and only took an afternoon to make up my mind. Plus, I’ve got $500 of the $700 in savings, so I’m really only going to charge up $200 of the purchase price, as I’m paying that $500 on my card tonight. Plus, I have a 0% APR on my Discover Card right now, so I decided to charge it to that one instead of one of my other cards with a “normal” rate.

I could blather on about the features of my new camera, but I think I’ll wait to do that until I have it in hand. Suffice to say that I *will* be bringing it to Ohayocon in January, especially since it will be easy enough to operate that Aaron could even take pictures with it.

Early Christmas present for me! @whee!

*does happy camera dance*

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  1. d00d. you need to come to the hyatt or hilton or whatever the heck it is and check out all the freakz in the f00d court. 😉

    we will totally need to get together that weekend.

  2. ahaha -it’s at the Hyatt Regency, which, if i faced a little more east, i could see from my desk at work 🙂 it looks like a big glass cruiseship.