Ohayocon Countdown

Only two days left until our fourth Ohayocon, and I’m as underwhelmed about it as I was about Christmas.

I have two unfinished Kujian helmets sitting upstairs: one papier-mache, one cardboard and fiberfill. The papier-mache helmet I only started on Monday, and I knew when I got one layer down that there was no way I’d get it done by the weekend. Still, tonight I decided to prime it for painting, just to see… and, really, there’s no way it’ll be ready for the con.

The cardboard one is a retooling of the original helmet I made for Youmacon. It was too tall, and the plexiglas outer brim was too brittle to wrap around the helmet, and it cracked in three places. So, I’ve been trying to improve upon it this evening, to no avail. I’m just feeling… disinterested.

I really enjoyed cosplaying at Youmacon, so I’m not sure why I’m so blase about it this time around. Maybe it’s because I can see how uber-awesome my papier-mache helmet will be when it’s done, and I hate having to retool a funky fiberfill chop job instead.

Ah, well. I should get back to that, I suppose. *sigh*

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  1. Diana… thank you so, so much for being part of the Gread Ipod Conspiracy of 2005. It was such a wonderful thing… I’m overwhelmed. Especially since you’re really doing it for “some girl sheryl knows!”

    There’s a special heaven for freaks like you. 😀 Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for coming and thanking me on my blog. 🙂 Any friend of Sheryls… you know. And I know how much I *heart* my own iPod, and I wanted to help spread the love.

    Merry belated Solstice! 😉

  3. How interesting. Reading this entry just reminded me about how little I know about Anime. The most I know is Lain Experiments, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I think two other ones, but other than that, I am at a loss of knowledge on that subject.

    Often, I feel overwhelmed when I got to Best Buy or Fry’s electronics for anime, because there is just so much. Any suggestions? I tend to like ones dealing with mysticism / religion that are deep stories.