[Posted on Flickr by dianaschnuth].

It’s been a while since I posted a cute Mei photo… so here you go.

I do have a question for anyone who uses Flickr and blogs their photos: What are your feelings on blogging your photos directly from Flickr versus uploading separate versions to your own webspace?

I’m hesitant to use Flickr as my main photo repository, just because I’ve had bad experiences with storing my files online and having them go poof (ahem, Angelfire). Although it’s not like I won’t keep copies of my own… but it’s easier to archive a website when the photos live the same place as everything else.

Plus, Flickr doesn’t offer thumbnails in the size I prefer, and they don’t support categories. I’d have to edit my entries, anyway, by uploading my own thumbnail to my server and adding a category. I’m thinking it’s more trouble than it’s worth… but I also don’t know why the heck I have a Flickr photostream if not to share and blog my photos.