Constructive Criticism

Aaron told me that his podcast got a negative review on iTunes recently. Of course, I had to go read what this person had said, even though I knew it would probably cheese me off.

And, of course, it did.

I mean, I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but I don’t see what this guy’s problem was. Aaron’s podcast delivers everything he promises: anime reviews, convention reports, domestic and fansub releases, news, everything. The reviewer in question apparently disagrees, saying that “hopefully someone can learn from this guy’s mistakes and make something worthwhile.” The only positive thing he could say was that Aaron’s show notes were informative. I honestly wonder if he even listened to more than one or two episodes of the podcast.

Now — and this is *totally* self-centered of me — after all this bagging on my husband’s podcast, the guy’s last line was, “By the way, I really hate the album art.”


I was really proud of that fucking art, you bastard. I composed that shit myself (with Aaron’s artistic direction), and I thought it turned out really classy.

So, thanks a lot, asshole. Thanks for the fucking non-constructive criticism.


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