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This entry may not interest anyone other than myself. I can deal with that. I’m just figuring that writing stuff down here is better than scribbling a note to myself or typing a to-do list that I may never unearth again.

I’ve been focusing on my Great-great Grandpa COOK‘s family, as I mentioned earlier. I figure that maybe, by filling in every last detail of his marital family life, I might be able to work backwards and figure out how to puzzle out his parents. I have some pretty good ideas, but no solid links. No marriage record for William Henry and his wife Ella WILLIAMS, no birth record for their oldest son, and no freaking clue why William Henry’s birth record gives a Nancy as his mother, when all clues point to a Rachel HILL.

(BTW, genealogists capitalize last names, just to avoid confusion. Just so you know.)

Tonight, I scoured the Family History Library catalog for some more ideas of microfilm I could order up (once I get up the balls to drive down to Perrysburg and try something new *heaven forbid*). And it looks like I’ll be able to track down at least a couple of William Henry’s kids’ birth records, which will help me trace where the heck the family was at any given point in time. I’m planning to order the Butler County Birth & Death Records film, to hopefully find Wm Henry’s oldest child, Leonard, and maybe some of his younger children. I also want to request the Hamilton County Birth Records Index, to find his second-oldest son, Thomas.

Thomas, incidentally, was working for the Ethel Gas Company in 1924 when an electric train struck his car. He died at age 27 of a resultant brain hemorrhage. I’m hoping to someday locate a newspaper article about the accident, because I’m *sure* that would have been big local news.

While I was trying to figure out how I might find William Henry’s will, I stumbled across a great resource: The Montgomery County Records Center and Archives. They have not only wills and probate records, but records from the County Home, recorded mortgages going back to 1834, and dozens of other useful records. I’m planning to write in a request that I know they should be able to fulfill — William Henry COOK’s residency at the County Home from 10 December 1945 until his death in 1946 — and see how much that ends up costing me. If it’s reasonable, I’ll likely request a search for his will, and possibly his mortgage. This could be very helpful…

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