Not Feeling It

The beauty of being an independent podcaster is that, if I decide I’m really not excited about producing a show on a given day, I can just say “fuck it” and opt to wait a few more days.

I have a topic I’m excited about — debunking the myth that the Atkins Diet will cause kidney failure — but I’m really not into recording tonight. Maybe I’ll do some more research and script some stuff out, but I really can’t get into recording and editing today.

I’m feeling frumpy and headachy and tired and I’m just not down with it. I’m also feeling a little bummed that I may not make my first weight-loss mini-goal. I keep wavering between 211.5 and 210 — my goal is 209 by Tuesday.

It would be so easy to, again, say “fuck it” and go eat Chinese this weekend.