I’m in the Toledo Free Press?!

Check out what I found when I looked at my website referrers today:

Blog it, Toledo!
By Lisa Renee Ward
Special to Toledo Free Press

(exclusive online content: 3/8/06)

Most of the blogs out there are personal ones, people write not just to communicate with each other but to share what is happening in their life. Diana Schnuth’s blog is personal in nature. However she’s taken her blog beyond just the mere journal of life aspect. She has also created a pod cast and a second blog related to that called The Low Carb Lifestyle.  There are a few people in my life that follow a low carb diet, I’ve downloaded and listened to a few of Diana’s pod casts and have found them very informative/helpful.

Some personal blogs are more like diaries, Petey P takes you thru the happy and sometimes the less than happy moments in Pete’s life. Another thing about visiting blogs is checking out some of the people a blogger links to which led me to the next featured blog.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’d have to agree with that, especially when it is done in humor. The Peep series of posts and photos on Iron Duke had me not only snickering but glad that Peep season was just around the corner.

Another thing about personal blogs is that it seems from time to time a blogger will step away from blogging because real life gets too busy. Joshua at One Bad Website is at that point, “Lack of motivation and school has prevented me from posting. I’m sure this blog has fallen off of most radars. Meh.” Au contraire Joshua?radar is still operational.

Most of these personal blogs are not meant for those under 18, Omar the Great is one of these. He writes about almost everything from his having the flu, dating adventures and personal exchanges he has with people that make me think at times?Gee, I hope none of these people read your blog?

Then we have blogs like Mind Matter where in her posts titled, “Through The Rabbit Hole” and “Blogging Under A Magnifying Glass”, some of the reasons why people decide to not go into too much personal detail are discussed.

So there we have this week’s adventure into personal blogging, from diets to dating to break ups to peeps, someone out there in our area is blogging about it. If you have a blog you want to share with me, email me at glasscityjungle@gmail.com. When I’m not out surfing the net you can find me at Glass City Jungle.

I’ve had at least two people check out my podcast from today’s Toledo Free Press article, and one extra hit to my blog, so thanks to Lisa Renee for directing some traffic my way.

In other website referral news, at least eight people have visited my podcast from the Burning Twenty podcast. Adam Tinkoff from Burning Twenty plugged my podcast to his 9000 — yes, nine THOUSAND — listeners in his Episode #11, and my stats have actually increased a little since then. Adam kind of dogged low-carb dieting right after saying how great my podcast was, so I think his listeners might have gotten a mixed message on that one. To each his own, though, and any publicity is good publicity.

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  1. Diana, you are most welcome, and thank you for what you are doing. You might want to pick up a copy of the print version of the Toledo Free Press because you were the one blog highlighted in the print version.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and listening to your pod casts. We even tried the garlic chicken, which was very good.


  2. For anyone who picks up a copy of the Toledo Free Press to find me: I’m mentioned in the gray sidebar on page five.

    I’m in print!