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Dear Internet,

Today was a very special day. Today I got paid for being a geek ALL DAY LONG! My boss had asked me and a co-worker of mine to create a request log database, and today was the first full day I got to spend on the project. It didn’t go very well in the morning, since my chosen geekery was Microsoft Access, which I haven’t touched since CS100. I spent the first half of the day figuring out how Access works and deciphering the basic database my co-worker had set up. He couldn’t work on it with me very much, as he was busy with “normal” work.

The second half of the day went better, though. My co-worker and I briefly talked over some of our options, and figured out a few key points about searching tables in Access. After that, I did some cosmetic and security-based tweaks, and learned how to tweak VB code a little. I took a class in Visual Basic back in college, but that was a long time ago, and nothing I did then really applies to Access. Google was my bitch friend, though, and was much more helpful than the Access help file.

Tomorrow, I’m going to learn how to do my very own search in Access, instead of using the default Find/Replace function. Google has already given me some clues, and tomorrow I’ll finish my research and implement a nice FindRecord with an InputBox.

Yay for at-work geekery!

…should I get paid more for doing what I *like* to do? Hmm.

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  1. Looks like it’s a lot of server setup, too. That would be some straight-up studying, not so much hands-on learning, since I don’t really have an extra server PC and money to spend on apps to install.

    Still, tho, it’s something to think about.

    And OMG I remember how to code VB now! Sort of. I made a custom search function go, at least. I feel all geeky!