The Joys of Home Ownership

Granted, this particular joy isn’t limited to only homeowners, but… I just got to clean up after my very first completely overflowing toilet! Yaye! 😛

I mean, I knew I had taken a pretty dense crap, but jeez.

I’d never actually experienced the kind of clogged toilet that actually overflows onto the bathroom tile. It’s like one of those slow-motion “Ohhhhh nooooo…” moments. I managed to keep the rug from getting completely soaked, and the overflow was luckily *not* completely nasty toilet water.

Still, though… spending quality time re-mopping the bathroom floor was not fun.

(As a side note, I had a particularly memorable bad dream when I was maybe four or five years old about the toilet overflowing and filling up the bathroom to my armpits. While I mopped this evening, I recalled that bizarre nightmare, and how I and my dream-friend saved ourselves from being swept away or drowned by pulling out straws and drinking the overflow water. I was a weird kid.)

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  1. Overflowing toilets always occur in that dreamy slow motion way. It sucks. I think the time the sewer backed up into my apartment has it topped though. That was gross. fiber is good, cheese is bad!