Story of My Life

There are so many things I should be doing today. I’m overdue to produce episode #10 of The Low Carb Lifestyle Podcast, and I need to work on my cosplay helmet if I’m going to wear it at the con on Saturday, and there’s always work to do for the LSM website, and on and on.

Instead, I’m feeling mighty tired this evening, which is translating into bored and depressed. This is also causing me to consciously fight to stay out of the kitchen. I really, *really* want to make myself another bowl of macaroni, or at least munch on my yummy new organic breakfast cereal. But I won’t. I really won’t.

I’m going to chalk today up to a.) working on real brainpower-type stuff at work for the past few weeks, and b.) having my happy womanly time. I’m just going to let today go. Tomorrow has the potential to be just as productive as today should have been, even though Aaron will be home on vacation.

I hate these kinds of days, though. Meh.