Smacked Down By Mother Nature

Was preparing for the triumphant return of my podcast to the, er, podwaves. Was looking forward to getting my second PUSH DVD in the mail. Was geeked to weigh in for the three-month mark.

Then I got The Cold. You know, the one that everyone and their brother has been getting? Yeah, I got it.

Started with a sore throat, then some drainage. Now, three days later, it’s a full-blown monstrosity: stuffy head, stopped-up ears, sinus headache, plugged-up runny nose (isn’t that the worst?), dry eyes, sore and scratchy throat, random aches and pains, and general fatigue. I even took a short nap this evening, and I rarely do that anymore.

Podcast? Postponed until next week. PUSH? Again, I’m not working out this week. I tried to work out on Monday, before the symptoms had really set in at all, and ended up stopping the DVD before I got to my reverse ab curls because I was falling asleep from just laying on the floor. My new DVD didn’t arrive until yesterday, anyway, so I would have been doing a third week of Workout #2.

So, how about the weigh-in? Yeah, I’m still going to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I have *no* idea what the scales will say, since I’ve been eating *very* light during the day, then eating something heavier and more filling (and more carboriffic) later in the evening. If I gain a little, I won’t let myself be upset.

I’ll take some in-progress pics on Sunday evening. Amy’s coming over this weekend, so I’ll wait until she’s gone before I parade around the basement in my underwear. 😉

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Someone else I know has the same deadly cold and I think my little one might be getting it now–there’s a surprise! Get Well.