Definitely Still Sick

Were I not sick, I would scoff at the idea of heading up to bed before 10pm. Tonight, though, I’m seriously considering it. Head upstairs, lay down, read, play some solitaire on my Palm IIIc, and be asleep *well before* 11pm.

I suppose I need the rest. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince myself to get up when I wake up in the morning — which will most certainly be long before my alarm wakes me up. I’ll do my showering and assembly of lunch and snackies then.

Man, this cold is kicking my ass.

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  1. I am attempting to head my cold off at the pass. I started to get coldish at work yesterday. The in-laws and the boy are responsible for this one. Get well before your birthday. You’d be surprised what people might do at work. I know when they ask me to bring in something for whatever we’re celebrating at work, I find the Kroger Bakery to be most helpful with an assist from a nice homemade tupperware bowl! yee ha.