My boobs used to be size D. That was when I was technically obese, though. Now that I’m on the cusp of being merely “overweight,” my boobs have reduced to somewhere between C and D.

I tell you this because today I rediscovered the joy of the shelf bra.

Now, last year, I bought a few tank tops through mail-order that had shelf bras in them. And I decided that said shelf bras were overrated, because they did absolutely nothing to hold anything in. For some reason, though, today I decided to put on my blue racerback tank with shelf bra, and to go with only the shelf bra for support. (I was just hanging around at home after work.)

And, lo and behold, the damn thing works.

Mind you, I can’t go jogging or anything in this, and my boobs still tend to migrate together into the uniboob, like with a sports bra. But, still… once I lose the remaining pudge around the middle, I could so wear this in public.

Just thought I’d share.

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  1. my poor little B cups migrate together too in a shelf bra – it just happens unless you’ve got perky As 😀 unlikely for either of us. so. 😀 YAY!! 😀