Is That So Wrong?

Is it wrong for me to want my male friends to find me attractive, even though I’m married?

I mean, it’s not like I would ever actually *do* anything with any of them, even given the chance. Hell, I can’t even fantasize about doing the nasty with anyone but Aaron. Still, though, a part of me would like to know that I’ve still “got it”—not like I ever had very much of “it” in the first place. At the height of my boyfriend / make-out-buddy phase in college, I met every single one of the guys I dated on IRC. On internet relay chat, cuteness or hotness isn’t so much a factor as desperation and a sense of humor, I think.

I guess I’m just realizing that I’m getting to the age where, if I don’t make my body look all svelte and sexy NOW, I’m not going to get the chance in the future. I get a few more prime years, then if I’m not careful, it can be all downhill. I may never have another chance to make anyone think I’m sexy. (Apart from Aaron, that is. But he thought I was sexy when I was 250 pounds, supposedly. Not sure how that works.)

Anyway, I guess I’m just feeling weird about wanting to be all sexy-looking to other guys. Someday. Is that wrong, or just human?

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  1. i think it’s just human. i have the same thing in my head. mostly it’s “if i dont slim down before i have kids i’m gonna be a blob of a human after i have them.”

    john also said he thought i was sexy when he met me, and i’m not sure how that works either 😛

  2. What’s wrong with looking sexy? I still dress sexy, and Mark LOVES it. He told me that he loves to see guys drool over me, because I’m going home w/ him. Di, dress sexy if you want to!!!!
    BTW- You look great!!!

  3. Aaron’s friend Mark was joking around this weekend while we were moving Kris Heath’s stuff, and I ended up pecking him on the lips. That was fun. 😉

    He also said that, once Aaron and I start trying for kids, that if Aaron can’t do it for me, just to let him know and he’d help out. o_O Aaron said he was glad Mark wanted to babysit. Heh.

    I know he was just kidding, but it was still fun. I haven’t touched another guy’s lips since 1995, even in jest. I doubt that means that Mark thinks I’m attractive, really, but I can still pretend.