Beth’s Wedding

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Finally got my pics back from Beth’s wedding back in February. I had experimented by loading some black and white film in my Olympus XA… but I forgot my flash. The pictures actually came out extremely well, though — I’ll have to post the rest here shortly.

Update, 5/27/06: I scanned in my negatives and posted them to Flickr. You can now view a slideshow of the ten good photos I took at Beth’s wedding. When I did my post-processing on the photos (i.e. Photoshop adjustments), I purposely left them a little dark, just to keep the ambiance. I was honestly surprised that so many of these came out — I don’t think they would have if I’d been shooting color.

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  1. nope… it was in columbus. well, the columbus area, anyway. around gahanna. but it was in a marriott, so i’m sure most hotel meeting/ballrooms look the same?

  2. oh nah, it was one of those places that had several halls in it, you know? actually John Edwards (the talking to dead people guy, not the vice president candidate) was having a show upstairs during the wedding 😀 we were kinda hoping some spirits would start posessing people.

  3. That’s not a bad pic!! I need a little nipping and tucking, but hell who doesn’t. Got any other good ones? I’m interested in seeing what other people got.

  4. So speaking of weddings, I heard that it was recently your third anniversary. Congratulations to you both! And your blog sounds like you’re planning for a baby – that’s exciting! I hope everything else is going well for you and Aaron, and I’ll see you around.
    [If I’m missing a general way to message you on this site which could replace unrelated or poorly transitioned blog comments, or if you prefer old fashioned email, let me know 🙂 ]

  5. Beth: I scanned in my negs and posted them to Flickr. The slideshow is here. You’re also welcome to print any of them you’d like – I think they’re 15¢ a pop. I uploaded them at a resolution that allows for printing up to 5x7s.

    Philip: Comments are good. E-mail is good. Basically, any kind of human contact is good. 🙂