Database Wrapup

Tomorrow’s going to be a mighty early morning. James and I are getting to work at 7:30am — half an hour early for me, a whole hour early for him — to put the finishing touches on the Loan Corrections database.

It’s been nearly three months that we’ve been working on this database, and it’s finally reached completion. For now. The next step is developing databases for other departments within the Loan Servicing umbrella. We have meetings scheduled with two out of three supervisors: one on Friday, one on Monday. After our preliminary meetings, we write synopses/proposals for each department’s potential database and submit them to our supervisor, who will then submit them to his supervisor, who will then decide which department gets first dibs on us.

We haven’t been promoted, per se, and we haven’t gotten a change in pay or job description. We have been removed from the main brunt of Loan Corrections duties indefinitely, though, and are getting beaucoup experience. If they don’t change our MRs (Major Responsibilities), we can just leave. By the time these other databases are complete (and after I’ve safely taken maternity leave sometime next year), we will have amassed enough experience to get a better job elsewhere. Then Loan Servicing will have a bunch of databases with no administrator, and Application Services will have to support even more products made by “rogue programmers” (their words).

That said… I probably shouldn’t have indulged in that 90-minute nap today. It’s going to be a challenge to go to bed early enough to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow.

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  1. follow-up: couldn’t get to sleep. was still almost-awake when aaron came home from work, whenever that was. dragged ass all morning. finally starting to wake up and be civil to my fellow human beings.

    database? only a few minor issues to fix this afternoon. looking good.

  2. i have issues sleeping when i KNOW i need to get up early. like i cant make myself go to bed when i’m not ready. :/ if i have to get up at, say, 4:30 or 5am, and i try to make myself go to bed early, i’ll usually stay up till at LEAST 3 and then be pissed i only got 1.5-2 hours sleep 😛

    the best thing to do is not to fight the urge to go to bed early, and just go when you’re tired. better to lose an hour of sleep than 5.

  3. Naps suck when that happens. When I worked nights I never had a problem on weekends maintaining a “normal” sleep pattern. Been on days now for about seven months and I never have a problem going to sleep at eleven. Napping was a big problem in High School–nap after school then I’d be up til 2 in the morning. Bah!
    When I am tired–I go to bed…trying to learn that again.