Friday Five: Exclamations

I don’t usually do memes, but I liked this one, brought to you by  talcotts:

Favorite phrase when you have…

1. Eaten food that tastes bad
“Ugh!” Depending on the setting and company, that may be followed by a profane opinion of what I just ate, e.g. “That was fuckin’ nasty.”

2. Stubbed your toe
Sharp inhale as I wait for the pain to hit, then a slow, seething “Gmmarrrgh…” (It can’t decide if it’s a goddamn or a motherfucker.)

3. Become frustrated
“Son of a motherfucking bitch!” Or, if I’m playing Tony Hawk, “DO SOMETHING!!” Or, if I’m at work, I just become silent and turn on my iPod.

4. Broken something
Usually “crap,” but sometimes a “shit” or a “goddammit” pops out. Depends on how important of a something I broke.

5. Been cut off by another driver
“Fucking asshole,” followed up by as close of tailgating as I feel comfortable… which is usually laughable, I’m sure.

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  1. You should have heard me a couple weeks ago when I stubbed my little toe on the door. I actually broke it — the toe, not the door. The things I said put your “Gmmarrrgh” to utter shame. I think I may have even invented some new swearing combinations.

  2. Kris Makes Sailors Blush · Fri 2 Jun 2006 at 11:36PM ·

    As you have been around me know, I have a gift when it comes to swearing. I sometimes think it’s a curse, like when I am around my son and a F this slips out or a goddammit or whatever my colorful metaphor(thanks Spock!) might be. But rest assured if you cut me off in traffic and you look in your rear view mirror the words F you, you GD MF’er will be coming out of my mouth…maybe even a colorful hand gesture. Yee Ha!