Cleaning Out Keepsakes #2

I was looking for this handkerchief over three years ago, when I was preparing for my wedding. I only just unearthed it yesterday:

I received this at an activity with the Young Women’s group at my church when I was in early high school. It reads:

The purity of this white hankie
  is symbolic of your life.
Live, to always be worthy
  of being an eternal wife.
May its whiteness be a reminder
  to please stay clean and pure.
As the linen – May you be strong
  with a testimony sure.

As the lace – May all your life be
  filled with feminine grace
May the inner beauty of your
  soul glow in your eyes and face.
Someday, I pray, you’ll be married
  to a clean and worthy he.
May it be in the house of the Lord
  for time and eternity.
Carry this hankerchief with you
  on that special, wondrous day,
As a symbol of the girl you are
  and will forever stay.

I was genuinely disappointed when I couldn’t find this to carry with me on my wedding day. Not because I’d remained particularly clean and pure (especially by Mormon standards), and not because I was getting married in the house of the Lord, but mainly because I was so proud of myself for having held onto it for more than ten years for that particular purpose.

A lot of the buzz words will be lost on non-Mormons. If you’re wondering what the hell it’s talking about, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to add an explanation to my post. For now, I’m going to go on the assumption that you’ve read enough of my previous Mormon ramblings to understand most of the stuff about eternity and purity and all that.

I still can’t bring myself to get rid of this hankie. Am I a packrat, or what?