I really fucked up my back this weekend. Now I know how Aaron felt the few times he messed up his lower back.

I’m still going to work tomorrow, but I’m calling the chiropractor shortly after 9am. Hopefully Dr. Smith can get me in sometime tomorrow. I’d even be willing to take half a day off of work to go get fixed up sooner.

Man. I’m OK as long as I don’t fucking move. As soon as I go to switch position or stand up or whatever, though, my way-lower back hurts like a bitch. I’m not usually one for going to doctors, but I’m definitely going to the chiropractor tomorrow. This is ridiculous.

Update, 7/5/06 12:40pm: Ended up taking the day off of work. Woke up this morning with an improved back, but tired as hell. Called in at 7:30am and told my boss’s voicemail that I screwed up my back painting over the weekend, and that today would be devoted to having quality time with my chiropractor and generally getting better. Promptly went back to bed.

Called the chiropractor’s office at 10:15am. The earliest I’d be able to get in as a new patient would be next week, and that would be with someone other than Dr. Smith, as she’s out of the office. I told the nice receptionist that I’d give it some thought and get back with her. I promptly went upstairs and went back to bed.

My back does feel a little better today. I have plans for maxing and relaxing for a good part of the day, using either the massager or the heating pad on my back to keep it loose. I’m not terribly keen on going to a different chiropractor, as Dr. Smith has been heartily approved by both Aaron and Kris. We’ll see how I feel after today.

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  1. Di,
    I hope your back gets better. I have a bad back, too. I do Pilates on my back, and it feels great. I hate going to the doctors.