Tonight’s Main Course

Homemade shrimp and cucumber sushi. I haven’t rolled sushi in years, but this turned out relatively well.

I took the less-pretty pieces (shown) for myself, and put the better-looking ones in the fridge for Aaron when he gets home from work. He’ll be surprised; we haven’t made sushi at home in probably almost three years.

For future reference: I cooked one cup of brown rice in the rice cooker, then added two tablespoons of rice vinegar and two tablespoons of Splenda after the rice cooled. That yielded two rolls. Two strips of cucumber and six shrimpies per roll. It actually turned out a little sweeter than I’m used to, so I might have to revise the recipe next time I try this.

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  1. yummm……. *slobbers*

    I will have to try making some sushi eventually. Do you have any recommendations for good websites/books?


  2. I can’t seem to find my sushi bookmark from a few years back, but this seems like a pretty good primer for making sushi, and seems pretty close to how we do it.

    It’s surprisingly easy, and surprisingly yummy for homemade sushi by gaijin.