Scrap Paper and Random Thoughts

Last weekend, Aaron helped me unhook the Power Mac 6500 and remove it from beneath my desk. It had been co-habitating with my Dell for some time now, but it hadn’t been powered on for months. My new(-to-me) iMac is *much* cuter, and just a little faster.

In the process of disconnecting and reconnecting and disentangling and shuffling, I had to remove a very large stack of crap from my desk. This stack o’ crap included three spoons, two water glasses, five sheets of cute anime stickers, a slew of pens, and a stack of used scrap paper.

See, before the advent of the Google to-do list, I would either e-mail myself a list of random thoughts I’d had at work, or I would write those thoughts down on a quarter-sheet of scrap paper. I would remind myself to check out certain scented oils for candlemaking, or to blog about a particular topic, or just to freakin’ wash the dishes already. So, now I have a stack of random blog topics, some as much as a year old, just waiting for me to exploit them. Plus some stale to-do items that still apply.

For shits and giggles, here are two topics I found on one sheet of scrap paper, amongst some other to-do items and doodles:

I just remembered that I used to be one of those annoying people that would say, “Smile! God loves you!” Was that really me? Good grief.

What is it that turns normal people into blogosphere celebrities? Wit, humor, honesty, design, content?

I can’t say that I’m interested in expounding on either of these topics at the moment, but I thought they were worth noting. Feel free to discuss.

*one more piece of scrap paper hits the trash*

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