Turning A Shitty Mood Around

Woke up this morning to discover that my alarm clock was set for 7:30am, not 7:10am as I had thought.

Drove through my ‘hood to get to work, and had to make a minor detour to get around the garbage truck that likes to drive down the middle of the street. Instead, I got caught by a school bus. Those things, along with random stupid drivers, made me late to work.

Ate two Little Debbie Double Decker Oatmeal Cream Pies to counteract the pissy mood I’d developed. Knew it was a poor idea, and did it anyway.

Heard two co-workers across the way say that, as a habit, they never read the long explanatory e-mails we send them about the changes THEY REQUESTED to the database. This after they asked how to do something in the database, not realizing that a new feature had been added, per their request. Got so mad that I: 1.) thrust my head into my clenched, clawed hands; 2.) swung my mouse around like a bullroar; 3.) put my hands down below the cube wall, out of sight, and gave the co-workers the double-bird, along with a hearty silent FUCK YOU several times over. And don’t forget the varied thrusting hand motions, both vertical and lateral.

Didn’t eat lunch. Took a 45-minute walk instead. Ate a South Beach Cereal Bar (originally intended for breakfast) as a late lunch / early afternoon snack.

To calm down after work? Civilization IV: Warlords. Couldn’t even get *that* right — the first game I started got me almost annihilated in the first few turns, so I restarted; the second game crashed and had to force quit; and the third game also got me close to annihilated, but I stuck it out and managed to survive with my three little cities until the end.

I think I feel better now, though.

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  1. Oooh… you’ve learned the first rule of technical writing the hard way. No one reads technical writing. I think the second rule is don’t be a technical writer.

    Very few people read technical documentation, but for those that do it’s very useful. They’re not going to email you and tell you how swell your FAQ was, though, it’s a thankless job.

    For “Digital Immigrants” it’s faster to just ask you than it is to google something.