Baking a Cake for my Pity Party

So, I got called out by a few people on my woe-is-me post the other day. Some comments were more along the lines of “I’m right with ya,” but others were fine attempts to bring me out of this funk. I also got an e-mail from my friend Kris, who suggested I start by writing a Gratitude List.

I thought that was a fine idea, and decided to make my Gratitude List public. Here goes:

  1. I am healthy. I take no prescription meds, I am ambulatory, I am able to take an hour-long brisk walk (or longer), I have full use of all my limbs and all my senses. I can even choose to have a 30-minute kickboxing workout if I so desire, like today.
  2. I have a husband who loves me. Aaron and I really are like peas and carrots, and that makes us luckier — and happier — than a lot of spouses. We enjoy many of the same things, like music, and anime, and sci-fi, and computers. He tolerates my negative points, and I can sometimes identify his. 😉
  3. We own a home. Our house, although mortgaged, is ours. The roof is only a few years old, the interior stays temperate without excessive A/C, and it’s plenty big for the two of us… and when we finally have a third.
  4. I am educated. I have a bachelor’s degree, I can proofread, I know random facts and have even been known to do some computer programming on occasion. I am one of the first members of my family to obtain a college degree (beaten by only a couple of years by my cousin, Misty Dawn, whom I’ve never met).
  5. My job is interesting. Somehow, I managed to stumble into database development and administration from my job as a loan flunky. Despite how much I may complain about the speed of bureaucracy in getting me my new title and potential raise, I still enjoy what I do. Hard-core problem-solving is much more fulfilling to me than simple keystrokes to waive a late fee or extend the maturity date of a loan.
  6. I have engaging hobbies. Granted, sometimes I have too many hobbies… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. My mother says I’m a good photographer (which I’m inclined to believe, since she is a portrait photographer by trade). I enjoy researching my ancestry and my family. I design web pages. I podcast. I have many other talents that I should rediscover, as well, like drawing and singing and writing and other creative things.
  7. I do have friends. Aaron is my best friend. Through him, I’ve gained other friends, like Kris Fries and Kris Heath and Mark and Garza. Some of my co-workers have nearly become friends, like Heather and James… even though we don’t really hang out. I also have college friends, like Amy (my best friend apart from my husband) and Sheryl and Mary and Beth and Donna and so many others. My high school friends have drifted away, as friends sometimes will, and some old friends have become acquaintances. But I know that there are people out there who care about me and are interested in my life and my well-being, even if I don’t speak to them or see them very often.

Some of these things may seem like pretty standard Count Your Blessings fare. There’s a reason for that, though, and it’s that we should all be grateful for the small things.

After the kickboxing workout I had today, I’m going to be particularly grateful for the shower I’m going to take in about an hour.

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