Hooray For My Tax Dollars At Work

I’d just like to say that I am an incredible dork for not having signed up for a Lucas County library card sooner.

You know how I’ve been subscribing to the Ancestry.com U.S. Census collection for, like, $70 a year or something? Well… it turns out that HeritageQuest Online, available from the Toledo-Lucas County Libraries website, also has census images available. HeritageQuest also offers a search of PERSI, the PERiodical Source Index; books; Revolutionary War pensions and records, and others.

Apart from HeritageQuest, the library also subscribes to America’s Obituaries & Death Notices, various biography collections, several newspaper archives, Sanborn Maps (holy crap! sweet!), and WorldCat, of course.


I totally need to cancel my Ancestry.com subscription. And go look for that Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Chipley, Florida in the 1930’s Sanborn maps from cities in the state of Ohio.

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  1. I used to have a library card back in the day. Then I kept a copy of Starlog or some such nonsense for, like, 3 months and owed $20 in fines.

    I wonder if I’ve been purged from the system by now. That was about 16 years ago.

    Hopefully that library cop from Seinfeld doesn’t track me down.

  2. It’s amazing how long that stuff stays around. However the Library has underwent several computer change overs since then, so I think you are safe.

    If want an excellent experience–go downtown to the main branch. I can *geek out* there for a long time.