Tired and Disjointed

I hate it when I get to this slightly tired state, where my brain is getting a little disjointed and my body is starting to shut down, but my creativity is begging me to DO SOMETHING. If I were to start something now, though, I’d get sidetracked or frustrated that it wasn’t turning out right. I have a list so long that I could choose from, though.

This is usually the same mood where I see all the things I didn’t do today, either on web pages or around the house, and get frustrated because my brain wants them to just — poof — be done. My body, however, would much rather slouch in my desk chair or stretch out on the couch and read a book or play solitaire or watch cable.

Meanwhile, the part of my brain that never grew up and is never actually awake until 10am says, “Dude. 9:45pm is NOT late enough for you to be this tired.”

P.S. – Along with the whole sidetracked and disjointed brain concept, let me just mention this (which I probably shouldn’t, but I will anyway): If you’re ever going to be out of social situations for a day or an evening, be a little daring. Give your pits a rest, and don’t wear deodorant. I got a rash under one armpit, and am going deodorantless while it heals, and it’s actually quite liberating. Sure, I still washed, and I put baby powder under my one pit… but by this evening, I started experiencing my own natural odor for the first time in years.

Honestly… without anyone to make fun of me about the odor (a la middle school), it’s really not that unpleasant. Still, I’m looking forward to receiving my Kiss My Face natural deodorant on Tuesday.