Eureka Moment

Last night, I was standing naked in the bathroom, having just brushed my teeth before bed. The door was partially closed (probably thanks to the cat), so I saw my reflection in the full-length mirror mounted to the back of said door as I turned to head back into the bedroom.

I’m used to looking at myself either in profile or straight-on — or just looking down my front from my normal, real-life, non-mirror perspective — so seeing myself reflected back at an oblique angle kind of threw me for a second. I saw how much closer my stomach is to being almost-flat, and how much my gut has really deflated. It didn’t look like me.

It was cool.

I still wouldn’t win any pageants or anything, but I can at least tell that I’m closer to my goal. Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective, I guess.

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  1. I look in the mirror and all I say is “damn, that’s one sexy mofo.” As far as balding thirty-ish programmer-turned-tuba-professors go, I’m smokin. 😉