Piss-tastic Mood

I didn’t wake up in a pissy mood. Granted, seeing the scale jump three pounds in one day — in the wrong direction — made me understandably disappointed, but I wasn’t in a pissy mood yet. My pissy mood ended up being the culmination of a bunch of small things that wouldn’t have been a big deal by themselves, but all together made me smolder.

I was answering phones today (my duty once or twice a week), and I got a teller who said, “Can I put the client on and have him explain his question to you?” Which, when translated, means, “I don’t understand what the client is talking about, and I know you are an internal call center only, and you don’t talk to clients, but it’s going to be so much harder if I have to relay what the client says to me verbatim because I don’t understand.” The client in question happened to be a CPA — and I do give him credit for not rubbing that in my face — but when I took his number and told him I’d research his question and call him back later, it made me that much more diligent in getting my interest calculations correct to the penny and to the day. Which took several hours. When I called him back, he had a client in his office, so I left him a voicemail. He didn’t get back to me before I left at 5pm.

I also got a few calls about things that people thought weren’t done right, and I had to research; or things that really weren’t done right, and I had to correct.

The football kids were standing in the street again on my way home. I seriously hate that smug “you can’t hit me” look they give me. You’ve got a helmet on, kid… you wouldn’t concuss too bad. Don’t fucking tempt me.

I got home and checked my email to find that the LSM forums have started getting spammed, despite the manual registration process and the required e-mail reply to confirm registration. And I found out that the report I had so carefully crafted in such a brief time to the exclusion of other priorities at the moment has either officially or unofficially been tabled for the time being. Which I can understand, being that there are other, more pressing matters for the board to take care of right now, but I guess I assumed that everything on the agenda would be discussed. My bad.

Aaron said I should exercise tonight, that it’ll make me feel better, and I know he’s right. I’m also tempted to just sit down in front of a game of Civ IV for the evening, though, and take it out on the Spanish or something.

I’m dangerous in this mood. I never get mad, so when I do, I tend to keep it going as long as I can, for no good reason. It’s a novel feeling, if not a particularly useful or productive one.

Time to go turn on the news and go eat some food.

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  1. How important is it? Do something productive like exercising and let it go. And as always, you can always start your day over, even at 7pm.

  2. oh, i’m sure it’s not all that important in the grand scheme of things. that doesn’t stop it from being annoying, though, all put together.

    i indulged in some civ iv and some tv watching, and went to bed a little early. this morning, i indulged in sleeping in just a little, and came to work 15 minutes late. i’m doing better today so far… but it’s still early. 😉