Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I’m taking Friday off of work, so that Aaron and I can drive eight hours to Utica, NY for an anime convention.

Normally, we wouldn’t go to two out-of-state cons in a row like this — after all, we just did Otakon a couple months ago. We’re making an exception for SITACon, though, since they invited us as guests. They’re covering our hotel room, some of our travel expenses, and our admission to the con.

This is weird.

Aaron is going to be presenting a Meet-and-Greet panel about his podcast, and is going to be on a massive Podcasters Unite roundtable panel, with the hosts of half a dozen other podcasts. I told him I’d join him for his Weekly Anime Review Podcast panel, being that it’s just him and all, but I’m probably just going to be running Nikon recon during the roundtable discussion, taking photos of the panelists for posterity. Assuming none of them are camera-shy, which could conceivably happen. Podcasters can be like that sometimes.

It was very considerate of the con chair to invite me, too. I mean, he listens to Aaron’s podcast enough to know that a.) we’re married, and b.) we go to cons together, so he invited us both. Very cool.

I guess I’m still not sure what to think of this whole thing. I’m not sure if it’s going to be fun meeting other podcasters we haven’t met before, or if it’s going to be a thinly-veiled popularity contest, or what. I *think* it’ll be fun… I *hope* it’ll be fun…

And if it starts to go downhill… hell, I’ll *make* it fun. I’m a guest at an anime convention, dammit! ^_^

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