In Over My Head?

I just got an e-mail from a friend of a co-worker, asking if I do parties.


I had to reply that I don’t have enough candles made at one time to do a party, and that’s the truth. I’d be making candles every night for two weeks to have enough to give a candle party. I remember how those Partylite parties were, back in 1995. They had so many awesome fragrances, and neat candle holders, and overpriced doodads, and you *had* to order something! You just *had* to! I don’t know if I have that kind of draw yet.

For that matter, I don’t have a large enough bank of OMG-this-is-so-good fragrances yet, either. So far, it looks like this:

* Amaretto
* Amaretto & Coke (my own special fragrance combination)
* Spiced Apple
* Drakkar
* Chocolate Java Beans (another special recipe)
* Cranberry (I’ll have to make a bigger candle to be sure, though)

Untested So Far:
* Balsam Sandalwood
* Chocolate Brownie
* Lilac
* Very Vanilla
* Patchouli (Essential Oil)
* Lavender (Essential Oil)
* Cinnamon (Essential Oil)

WTF Not Even Close:
* Basil
* Evergreen (smells like fake evergreen, according to one person)

Everything Else That’s Nothing Special:
* Banana (intended to use in making a Banana Cream Pie combo, along with the…)
* Coconut (which could also be good with pineapple for a pina colada candle)
* Chamomile
* Eggnog
* Coffee (excellent combined with the Hershey’s Chocolate scent, which I may or may not reorder)
* Hazelnut (not bad with the Eggnog, although I need to try some different eggnog scents)
* Pumpkin Spice
* Spearmint
* Toasted Marshmallow
* White Shoulders

As I said recently, I have more stuff on order from various places, so there are more possibilities in store in the coming days and weeks.

I guess I’m feeling kind of like I’m spinning my wheels; but even if I managed to get a bite (like, say, someone wanting a party, or someone wanting me to be their wholesale soy candle supplier — both things have happened), I’m not prepared for “success”. But I don’t want to stock up for something that’s never going to happen… and I don’t want this to be the next big idea I have that never comes to fruition… and I don’t want to overthink it, either. 🙂

I guess the thing is that I feel like I’m on the verge of a fun and creative supplemental income, and I don’t want to blow it by trying too hard and not being able to deliver, or not trying hard enough and missing the boat.

Jesus Christ, Diana, it’s just candles. Don’t sweat it. *rolls eyes*

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  1. I was getting kind of hungry reading all those flavors/scents of candles. So then I thought your choice of words about “getting a bite” was really funny. Freudian slip?