I Miss That.

Time was when my Mom and I would go visit my Aunt Sammie, cousin Michael and Memaw every Sunday after church. We didn’t always enjoy or appreciate the visits, but it just seemed like the thing you do on Sundays: go to visit family, eat the lunch they’ve prepared for you, listen to them complain or just talk, then politely excuse yourself to go home and get out of your Sunday clothes.

Thirteen years later, Mom lives with my step-Gary in Texas, Sammie and Michael live in Carolina, and Memaw’s three years gone now. And I don’t even go to church anymore.

Even though I’m all connected with the world and with my faraway friends via the magic of the internet, I feel isolated from my family. I don’t understand how we were once so interdependent and loving and familiar, and now we’re so far apart, both geographically and emotionally. I just don’t get it.

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  1. ..is michael a jedi? 😀

    i, too, am very distant from my family. honestly, though, we havent been close since before i was 10.

  2. sheryls: my cousin may well have been a jedi, but he may also have been cinderella. he was having… well, not so much a gender issue, but an imagination issue. he would re-enact just about anything, and would get obsessive about things, and not comprehend that boys don’t usually dress up in girls’ clothing, or that everybody doesn’t have to die on the cross just because jesus did. o.O

    Mary: Mom’s been in Texas for a couple years now. I forget exactly when they moved, but I know we’ve had the last couple holiday seasons exclusively with Aaron’s family.